Attorneys Office - Victim Rights

What rights does a victim have?

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The right to be notified of:
  • Your rights
  • Plea bargain agreements
  • Changes in court schedules, dates, time and place of sentencing
  • Final disposition of criminal case
  • Transfer of offender to less secure Correction facility
  • Release of offender from prison or institution
  • Escape and apprehension of offender from prison or institution
  • Pardon Board hearing regarding granting release of offender
The right to participate in prosecution:
  • Right to inform court of impact of crime at pre-trial and sentencing
  • Right to have input in pre-trial diversion program
  • Right to object to plea bargain
  • Right to request speedy trial
  • Right to bring supportive person to pre-trial hearing
  • Right to attend sentencing
  • Right to give a written objection to sentence
  • Right to be present and submit an oral or written statement at Board or Pardons hearing regarding granting release of offender.
The right to protect from harm:
  • Tampering with a witness is against Minnesota Law (felony)
  • Witnesses do not have to give their addresses in court
  • Victims have the right to a secure waiting area during court
  • Employers may no discipline or dismiss victims or witnesses who are called to testify in court
The right to apply for financial assistance:
  • Victims may be eligible for financial assistance from the state if the have suffered economic loss
  • Victims may request of the court that restitution be paid by the offender