Auditor-Treasurers Office - Property Tax Collection

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The Auditor-Treasurer is the chief financial officer of all county funds and cash assets and handles all funds received or paid out by the County. The Auditor-Treasurer is responsible for investing all county money pursuant to Minnesota Statutes and securing collateral to protect the County funds.

The Auditor-Treasurers office balances and deposits all collections of County funds on a regular basis. Reconciles several bank accounts every month and prepares a trial balance of each fund every month.

The county Auditor-Treasurer's office is responsible for the mailing of approximately 9,500 tax statements annually along with the collection of all real estate, mobile home and personal property taxes. Also maintains escrow accounts on property taxes with escrow agencies.

The due dates of property taxes are:
First Half Real Estate and Agricultural May 15th
Personal Property May 15th
First Half Mobile Home August 31st
Second Half Real Estate October 15th
Second Half Mobile Home and Agricultural November 15th

A penalty will be applied to all late payments of property taxes in accordance with Minnesota Statutes. The County Auditor-Treasurer is also responsible for the procedures of collection of delinquent Mobile Home taxes.

The Auditor-Treasurer's office processes Deeds for the State Deed Tax before recording with the County Recorders office. These funds are collected along with Mortgage Registration Tax and paid to the State of Minnesota each month.

Each year the County Auditor-Treasurers records and books are audited and must be in compliance with the State Auditors rules and regulations. Reports are prepared and submitted for their audit upon request