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Voting Equipment

Assistive Voting Devices - Updated 2022

Starting in 2022, Pennington County polling places will begin using new assistive voting devices: the OmniBallot Tablet from Democracy Live. The 2002 Help America Vote Act mandates that a handicap-accessible ballot marker be made available in every polling place. Prior to this year, Pennington County had used the AutoMARK ballot marker.

The OmniBallot is an electronic ballot marker that meets all accessibility requirements for voters with disabilities. Voters that wish to use the device can mark their ballot using a touchscreen, navigation pad, or 3-button device. The equipment also provides zoom functionality and audio dictation. After the voter makes their selections, the ballot is printed and reviewed by the voter. Then, the voter inserts their ballot into the ballot counter.

Please see below information on an overview of the OmniBallot. Contact Pennington County Elections for more information regarding the OmniBallot Tablet, including arranging for a public demonstration to view the equipment in-person.



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