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Pennington County Auditor's - Treasurer's Office

The Pennington County Auditor’s Office is part of the administrative branch of County government. The County Auditor is an elected official serving four-year terms and is responsible for property tax administration, property tax collection, central accounting, license agent, county payroll, elections, passports and is a secretary to the County Board.

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Property Tax
  • Calculates proposed and certified tax rates and taxes
  • Prepares Truth in Taxation notices
  • Prepares and prints all property tax statements
  • Maintains ditch and special assessment records
  • Collects delinquent taxes
  • Prepares settlement distributions
  • Completes Tax Searches ($2 / parcel)
  • Handles Confession of Judgements
  • Conducts Tax Forfeited Land Sales on behalf of the County
Property Tax Collection
Central Accounting
County Payroll
License Agent
Election Administration
Township Officers

Jennifer Herzberg, Auditor - Treasurer

Pennington County Government Center
101 Main Ave N
PO Box 616
Thief River Falls, MN 56701
Phone: 218-683-7000
Fax: 218-683-7026


Kevin Erickson

County Coordinator


Julie Stennes

Lead Deputy Auditor-Treasurer


Lucas Fornshell

Deputy Auditor-Treasurer - Accounting/Payroll Manager