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Pennington County Auditor's - Treasurer's Office

The Pennington County Auditor’s Office is part of the administrative branch of County government. The County Auditor is an appointed official responsible for property tax administration, property tax collection, central accounting, license agent, county payroll, elections, passports and is a secretary to the County Board.

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Property Tax
  • Calculates proposed and certified tax rates and taxes
  • Prepares Truth in Taxation notices
  • Prepares and prints all property tax statements
  • Maintains ditch and special assessment records
  • Collects delinquent taxes
  • Prepares settlement distributions
  • Completes Tax Searches ($2 / parcel)
  • Handles Confession of Judgements
  • Conducts Tax Forfeited Land Sales on behalf of the County
Property Tax Collection
Central Accounting
County Payroll
License Agent
Election Administration
Township Officers

Jennifer Herzberg, Auditor - Treasurer

Pennington County Government Center
101 Main Ave N
PO Box 616
Thief River Falls, MN 56701
Phone: 218-683-7000
Fax: 218-683-7026


Kevin Erickson

County Coordinator


Julie Stennes

Lead Deputy Auditor-Treasurer


Lucas Fornshell

Deputy Auditor-Treasurer - Accounting/Payroll Manager